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If there is one thing I have to do every time I go to Paris, it’s visit Ladurée on the Champs-Élysées. I first discovered this amazing patisserie the first time I lived in Paris. I went to dinner at an old friend’s house and his sister brought this beautiful box in a light green bag. She opened up the box and I immediately fell in love. The colors were breathtaking…the smell hypnotizing. She described what each of the flavors were and I carefully selected a raspberry macaron. I bit into the crispy yet velvety pastry and was overwhelmed by the delicious taste of raspberry.

So naturally, I made my way to Ladurée the one day I was in Paris. I got an assortment of 6 to share with the  friend that I was staying with for the night (Will).  Flavors from left to right: red fruits, pistachio, raspberry, green apple, casis (blackcurrant), and rose.  Okay, so I paid almost 16 euros for this beautiful box and 6 macarons, but trust me, it was worth every single cent.

I got back to Will’s place and he greeted me with a can of Kronenbourg 1664 as I walked into the door.  We caught up on life, enjoyed a few brews, savored the macarons, and laughed until 3 in the morning.  Good times.  The contrast of the classiness of the macarons and trashiness of the beer make me smile.