Getting over a cold in a more holistic manner

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For those of you who may not know, this week is my birthday week!  I am turning a quarter of a century old on Friday, which is almost hard to believe.  But I digress…This blog isn’t food related, but I am more than overdue for a post and I feel like writing!

I started this week off fairly sick, so I took this Monday off of traveling and worked from home instead of the client site.  There’s something pretty awesome about taking conference calls and responding to emails in your pajamas’s in bed regardless of being sick or not.  And it’s just nice to have a traveless (yep, I just made up a word) Monday when you have a job like mine and are constantly on the road.

After 3 days of being sick and moping around the house, I took part in my “I need to get better ASAP” ritual this evening and started off with a cup of warm echinacea tea by Celestial Seasonings.  Their Sleepytime Echinacea Complete Care Wellness Tea is delicious with a teaspoon of honey and has echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C to boost your immune system, along with camomile and lemongrass to lure you to sleep.  As I was drinking my tea, I ran a bath with the warmest water I could tolerate and added some eucalyptus bath oils from Kneipp and a hefty cup of epsom salts.  I soaked in the bath for 20 minutes and holy cow, I feel like a new woman!


Kneipp makes the best bath oils!

The eucalyptus bath totally cleared up my sinuses!  Breathing it’s aroma and being surrounded by the hot steam of the bath worked wonders.  And the epsom salts got rid of those pesky body aches you get when you’re sick.  While I was soaking in the bath, I also slathered my favorite mud mask on my face by Ahava.  I’ll spare you the gruesome picture of me sporting it!

And the icing on the cake to all of this was using my neti pot to completely clear up anything left in my sinuses.  (I’ll spare you from the gross details, but if you really want to see how to use one, you can find some really funny videos on YouTube.)  I’ve seriously had my porcelain neti pot for years (since middle school?) and it works wonders every time!  You can find saline packets for very cheap at CVS, which I highly recommend.  You do NOT want to put regular tap water down your nose without it; it’s painful.  Trust me.


My trusted neti pot that I’ve had for years

After all of this, I feel like a million bucks!  Sometimes taking a more holistic approach to your health is better than pumping yourself with drugs.  And rest.  Rest is key.

Well I’m off to bed!  I have to be super productive these next 2 days since I’m taking Thursday off and flying to Seattle to see the boy and to celebrate my birthday on Friday.  I can’t wait!