Meet Olivia


Hi!  I’m Olivia Kaye, the blogger behind Olivia’s Palate.  After dabbling in the construction industry after college and then pursuing a management consulting career, I decided to quit my job in June 2015 to spend time exploring the world and my passion for food and cooking full time.

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but spent the majority of my childhood summers in Brittany, France with my French mother’s side of the family.  While in Brittany, I cultivated a deep interest in food and where it comes from.  I would spend my summer weekends with my Mamie at the morning market in Larmor Plage, learning about the seasonality of produce and establishing connections with the food vendors.  I also enjoyed spending time with my grandmother’s friends, Annie and Jacques, where I would gather fresh eggs and cherries at their farm.  These memories have made a huge impact on my life and how I view the world around us.

I spend my spare time experimenting in the kitchen, exploring new foods, lifting heavy and traveling off the grid.  By day, I am a full time traveler and have no permanent residence.