A Perfect Saturday

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I love Saturdays where I can set my own agenda and just go with the flow.  That’s exactly what I did today.  I got out of bed around 9 and made it to a CrossFit class.  I took my time getting ready afterwards and headed to the city to go to a nail salon in Rittenhouse.  On my way out, I stopped at Miel Patisserie, a cute little French bakery that I have always wanted to try.  Obviously, I went straight for the macarons and got myself an assortment to devour and share with friends.  I love the colors in the picture above.  My favorite sundress, my red nails, and an orange macaron.

I then made my way to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch with friends.  I walked around for a good 20 minutes, in awe of everything around me.  There were merchants selling fresh flowers, local produce, fish, meat, cheese, and everything in between.  It smelled devine.   I’ll definitely have to take more pictures and post them on here.

I finally settled on a Middle Eastern place, Kamal’s Middle Eastern Specialties, since I had a craving for a felafel and grape leaves.  All of the ingredients were so so fresh.  I really wanted to try something different so I asked the waiter for a “very Middle Eastern drink” and told him to surprise me.  He came out with lemonade mixed with crushed mint and rosewater.  It was refreshing and a mix of flavors I’m not used to.

After lunch, we walked around on South Street and went into a few shops. I could resist covering the “s” in the picture below.  Anus baby…hahaha.  I’m so mature, I know. I also bought these cute bird earrings made by a local artist.

We eventually parted ways and I went home to make a quick dinner and go back into the city to hang out with some girlfriends.  We went to various bars to watch some college football and drink beer.  What a perfect Saturday.