A little less homesick on the road

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Adjusting to the traveling lifestyle has been somewhat rough for me.  It really hit me last week that I’m going to be “living” in a hotel every Monday through Wednesday night for at least the next year.  This means I have 2 lives, one on the road and one when I’m at home.  I’ve been trying to figure how to balance the two and make my time away from home feel more…comfortable.  I’m finally settling into a good workout routine and found a way to use my CrossFit gym’s programming while I’m away and have been starting to eat better.

For the first time since I’ve been on the road for my job, I actually cooked food to bring with me for the week!  It’s such a relief to know that I don’t have to worry about what’s in my food, especially when trying to stay mostly paleo.  I also feel significantly less homesick knowing I brought a taste of home with me.  I visited my local butcher on Sunday afternoon, Cannuli’s Meats, in the Italian Market and got some stewing beef, lamb shoulder, and ox tail.  I made my Bœuf Bourguignon, an Indian lamb dish, and put some ox tail into a crockpot.  And voilà, I have tons of food for the week!


Bœuf Bourguignon and boiled potatoes in my hotel room


Got a microwave and fridge personally delivered to my door. It pays to be a Platinum member sometimes 🙂