6 tips on how to stay fit and healthy while on the road

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My work/life balance has been a bit hectic for the past month as I’m adjusting to traveling on a weekly basis.  I changed from working for a local client to one in Baltimore.  Until further notice, I will be spending 3 nights a week in a hotel…every week.  Now that I finally have a routine going and got the gist of this lifestyle change, I’ll be blogging more!  With that said, I’ll probably post less recipes since I’ll be away from my kitchen more (boo), but will definitely post more restaurant reviews and tips on how to stay healthy with such a demanding lifestyle.

After being on the road for the past month, I’ve gathered up 6 tips to stay fit and healthy while you’re traveling:

  1. Planning is key. Make sure to pack clothes/shoes to exercise so you have NO excuses.  Also pack some healthy snacks like almonds, cashews, dried fruit, beef jerky, etc so you’re not tempted by the donuts in the break room.

    I never travel without my Reebok Flex’s!

  2. If you can chose between a variety of hotel chains while you’re traveling, try staying at a different one each week until you find the one you like.  Since I had my choice of 4-5 hotels on this project, I stayed in a few hotels before I made up my mind.  I know I’ll be in this area for at least a year, so I figured I’d take my time finding my “home” away from home.  Although I really liked one hotel because of their gym, the Marriott won me over with their breakfast alone.  They serve eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit every morning!
  3. Learn how to modify your workouts since hotel gyms may not have all the equipment you need. Being an avid CrossFit junkie, you can imagine how frustrated I am without my barbells, kettlebells, rings, etc.  Since my hotel gym has dumbbells, I’ve substituted some barbell and kettlebell movements with them.  It’s not the same, but it helps me get my fix 🙂  I also bring my own jump rope.  Joining another CrossFit gym was not an option since the one next to my hotel has outrageous prices.
  4. Know what restaurants around you serve healthy options. You don’t have to eat a hamburger with fries or a burrito for dinner every night and you also don’t have to break the bank.  Get creative and explore menus.  Did you know that Jimmy John’smakes the Unwich?  It’s a sandwich without bread!  Or that many Mexican places have delicious salads?

    Mango chicken salad at California Tortilla with tomatoes and avocados for under $9

  5. Don’t give into peer pressure from your coworkers.  Some people may criticize your food choices or try to push you into going to tonight’s happy hour.  Eat whatever makes you feel best and show up to the happy hour after you’ve gotten a workout in.  You’ll feel less tempted to drink alcohol.
  6. Plan cool activities with your friends back home to look forward to when you get back.  Traveling so often can cause you to become home sick.  Since I’m gone all week, I try to maximize my time with my friends when I’m home.  I signed up for the Spartan Race in Palmerton, PA this past weekend and had tons of fun!

    Carrying a sandbag up a big hill. No big deal