<3 Philadelphia Java Co.

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Whenever I’m down, I find comfort in sitting at a coffee shop and writing.  I don’t know what it is about the Philadelphia Java Company, but I just love the ambiance.  It’s filled with tattooed hippies, students, young professionals, and lonely men with their dogs.  There’s always eclectic art on the wall and indie music playing.

They usually have a glass jar filled with French macarons that always puts a smile on my face.  Today they had raspberry, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, and lemon.  If you know anything about me, you know I can’t resist a fresh macaron.  I had two, one raspberry (pictured) and one pistachio (in my belly by the time the picture was taken).  Mmm, a taste of heaven and my country.  And of course, I had a soy chai latte.  I really wish they had regular soy milk, instead of vanilla, but it’ll do since I’m lactose intolerant.

I can’t say I got much writing done, but I feel exponentially better just by people watching and devouring my treats.