The most mediocre sushi of my life

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Maki House
240 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

One of my favorite things to do in Philly is park somewhere and start walking aimlessly to discover the city.  For today’s occasion, I parked somewhere along 5th and Lombard and made my way around the area.  I stumbled upon a bead store, Beadworks, and had to step inside.  I used to make jewelry as a child and felt somewhat nostalgic walking into the store.  There were myriads of beads and I felt compelled to buy something and be creative.  I eventually settled on some pink and turquoise beads to make my baby sister some bracelets for her birthday.

After my bead purchase, I asked the cashier if there were any good sushi places in the area.  She directed me to Maki House, so decided to give it a try…

There was really nothing about this place that I liked.  I walked in for a mid-afternoon snack and was the only person in the restaurant.  That should’ve been an immediate red flag for me to leave.

I sat at the sushi bar and the fish in the neta (fish display case) was not covered in saran wrap like most sushi places.  That not only dries the fish out, but it indicates that the chefs aren’t really too serious about preserving the quality of their fish.

My rolls were incredibly mediocre and served on a plastic plate, with stale dumplings and a soggy salad.  Seriously, plastic?  Presentation fail.  The ikura (usually my favorite item at a good sushi bar) looked presentable, but tasted like it should’ve been tossed in the trash a week ago.  The tamago (omelet) was incredibly bland and rubbery.     

The service was very mediocre.  The waitress took almost 10 minutes to hand me a menu after I sat down and never checked on me after my food was served until I needed the check.  Usually I like to chat with the sushi chefs and discuss what I’m eating, but they were incredibly anti-social.  The bill was reasonable, only because I had no desire to order anything else.  I won’t be back.  Sorry for the terse words, but this place doesn’t deserve a thourough review.